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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions - Mount Barker Holiday Park Pty Ltd  

Room rates & charges  

●  A deposit of one night's tariff is due to confirm all bookings at the time the booking is made. The remaining amount will be due on or before check in.  

●  All guests must provide a valid credit card for security of the site/room at me of booking. Debit cards are not accepted.  

●  Settlement of any additional charges included during the stay will be due upon check out.  

●  Additional charges are as follows;  

○  Rooms left in a very untidy state - $200 fee  

○  Smoking in rooms - $200 fee  

○  Lost/stolen key fee - $200 fee  

○  Property damaged or stolen - fee based on the replacement value of the damage or loss  

●  Failure to settle an account on check out will result in the credit card on file being charged the full amount.  


Alterations to bookings  

●  Written on email notice is required for all booking changes with a minimum of 48 hours  notice for any changes.  

●  If the booking is shortened within 48 hours, a $30 fee will be charged.  

●  If the booking is shortened or cancelled after check in, there will be no refund given. 

Cancellation Policy  

●  Bookings must be cancelled in writing by emailing the property.  

●  Cancellations withing 48hours will be charged the full length of stay.

●  Booking cancellations received up to 14 days prior to the check in date will be refunded less a $30 booking/cancellation fee.  

●  No refund will be given for cancellations within 13 days prior to the check in date.  

●  No refund will be given for guests who have booked a non-refundable rate either directly or through a booking channel.  

●  A no-show (when a guest does not arrive on the first day of the booking and does not give notice) will be charged the full amount of the booking.  ​

●  No-refunds for guests who cancel or shorten their stay after check-in occurs.

●  Public Holiday weekends will be charged the full booking amount upfront and no cancelations allowed within seven days of check in. No refunds given after seven days before check in.


Booking guarantee  

●  Deposit of 1 night’s tariff for all bookings  

●  Valid credit card to be held (no debit cards accepted)  


Check in and check out  

●  The  standard check-in me is 2pm - 6pm on the first day of the booking.  

●  Check-out time is 10am on the day of departure.   

●  Late check outs are subject to availability and prior arrangement with park management.  An additional fee may be charged.  

●  Early check in is subject to availability and prior arrangement with park management. An additional fee may be charged.  

●  The office closes at 6pm, late check in (after 6pm) must be arranged with management.  

●  Guests are required to provide photographic identification upon check in. If you are unable to provide photo ID, the booking may be cancelled.  


General park rules  

●  Children - Children under 12 must be supervised. All park users are to be mindful of children in the park. ●  Speed limit - 8km per hour everywhere in the park, at all times.  

●  Behavior - Noise is to be kept to a minimum level. Noise is not tolerated after 10pm. All guests are to be respectful of others staying in the park to ensure and enjoyable stay for all. Loud groups and parties will be given one warning and if noise persists, asked to leave the park immediately with no refunds given.  

●  Cigarette butts - Do not throw butts on the ground, all butts are to be disposed of in the designated ashtrays. Smoking in the ablution blocks and camp kitchen is not permitted.  

●  Common facilities - i.e. laundry, bbq area, kitchen, toilets are all to be left tidy. Clean up any mess you make and dispose of rubbish.  

●  Visitors - All visitors must park in the visitor parking bays and register at the front office.  

●  Water - Water from taps is drinking water.  

●  Pets - Are allowed only by appointment. All pets must be kept on a lead at all times within the park. Owners must clean up after pets. No pets are to be left unattended at any time.  

●  Rubbish - Please put all rubbish in green bins provided and cans/bottles to be placed in the can recycle bins.  


●  All caravans must have their tow hitch facing the road (this is a legal requirement).  

●  Please reverse your caravan onto the concrete pads, if you need assistance please ask at the office.  

●  Please park your car in front of the square concrete markers next to the concrete pad. Try to avoid  parking on grass where possible to ensure it stays green and is able to be watered when sprinklers are turned on.  

●  Washing of cars or caravans is not permitted under any circumstances.  

●  Use of personal washing machines is not permitted.  

●  Please use park washing machines only.  


●  A $200 chargeback is charged to your credit card at the time of registration and is fully refundable  following accommodation check on departure. Please ensure accommodation is left in the same  condition as you found it.  

●  Pets are allowed on request, an additional fee of $20 applies and they must have their own bedding. Excessive cleaning due to pets is a $200 fee.

●  No smoking in cabins or the cabin ensuites.  

●  Please park in the designated parking areas - do not park your car on the grass, thank you. 

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