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The Round House

This heritage listed, iconic building which is located at the edge of the holiday park is now available to guests to book. It is a single storey residence in the post-war international design style. This unique structure, which could be rotated through 180 degrees to exploit seasonal changes, was labelled "The Round House."

Round House

A little bit of history...

It was designed and built by engineer Hubertus Johannes Van der Kolk in c. 1956-58, as his family home. In the mid 1970s the place was refurbished and fixed in its position. Though the home had fallen into disrepair, it was heritage listed in 2005 and Heritage Minister Francis Logan said "It was an energy-efficient concept ahead of its time".

Restoration works were completed on “The Round House” however the building is now static. The Heritage Council has published a detailed history of this "rare" building in a Register of Heritage Places - Assessment Document, State Heritage Documentation.

This very unique building is now being offered as a comfortable accommodation option within the grounds of the park. It has two bedrooms and can sleep up to four guests.

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